Jaffa [Ancient Joppa] - Statue [Gate] of Faith

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A large statue, made of Galilee stone, stands at the top of Abrasha Park in Old Jaffa. It’s called the Statue of Faith or the Gate of Faith. Until Herod the Great built the grand port city of Caesarea, Jaffa [ancient Joppa] was the only port in Israel of any size. Therefore in Bible days, it was the main means of Israel’s import/export of people and goods.

The statue consists of three pillars [two standing and one lintel], each about 12 feet in length, and assembled to look like a gate. It is the “gate of entry” into the Land of Israel, and represents the promise of the Land to Israel’s Patriarchs— Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The Patriarchs are carved into the two pillars, represented by Abraham’s binding of Isaac [Genesis 22] and Jacob’s “Stairway to Heaven” dream [Genesis 28]. The lintel depicts the capture of Jericho [Joshua 6]. The promise of land was first given to Abraham, then to Isaac and Jacob, which began to be realized through Joshua.