There are at least five towns in the Bible that had the name Mizpah (watchtower). 

  • Mizpah in Gilead (present day Jordan - Genesis 31:23-49)
  • Mizpah in Galilee (at the foot of Mt. Hermon - Joshua 11:3, 8)
  • Mizpah in Judah (near Lachish - Joshua 15:38-39)
  • Mizpah of Moab (where David fled from Saul - 1st Samuel 22:3) 
  • Mizpah of Benjamin (the most prominent of the all—associated with the following...)

  • The judgment of Gibeah leading to civil war - Judges 20-21
  • Samuel's national convocation to renew Israel's covenant with God - 1st Samuel 7:5-12
  • The selection of Saul as king - 1st Samuel 10:17-27
  • The seat of government after the destruction of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar - Jeremiah 40-41

Mizpah in Benjamin is located about 8 miles northwest of Jerusalem. It flourished from about 1,000-586 BC, when Judah was conquered by the Babylonians.